Explore Schools operates four schools in educationally under-served communities in Brooklyn. We believe excellent public schools are essential for a neighborhood to thrive, and that by going deep into Brooklyn, we can have an enormous impact on students’ educational outcomes in that community.

We operate eight schools with more than 2,000 students, graduating 240 8th graders per year to the city’s top college-preparatory high schools. With our graduates, Explore Schools is raising the on-time high school graduation rate in Brooklyn by 10 percentage points.

Explore Schools works closely with stakeholders in our community to:

  • Serve all students: Explore Schools serves the exact same students as the traditional public schools in the neighborhoods where we operate. We serve the same percentage of students with special needs as the schools in the districts where we operate. By implementing small group instruction, leveraging our support services staff, partnering with parents, and providing the special education services our students need to thrive, we work to provide all students with the quality public education they deserve.
  • Promote family involvement: We value parents as partners and encourage families to actively participate in the school community with many opportunities for involvement, including parent-led organizations, multiple opportunities for volunteering, family academic events, and classroom celebrations. We keep open lines of communication between parents and teachers, staff members, and school leaders.
  • Foster collaborative co-location relationships: When we share space with other schools, we recognize that it’s our duty as members of the community to work together with those schools to create a collaborative environment. These strong relationships are built upon a foundation of respect and create an environment conducive to achievement for all students in the building.