We are excited to announce that all 8 of Explore Schools made dramatic gains in both mathematics and English language arts this year. As a network, Explore Schools grew 14 percentage points in ELA, placing the network’s proficiency above both districts it serves (CSD 17 and 18). In mathematics, we grew 18 percentage points, placing us just above the city’s average, and well above the averages for our districts.

We’re incredibly proud of the growth we’ve made. In one short year, our schools, in some cases, doubled and tripled the growth made by the city and state.. Across all schools, we made more gains than both districts we serve, the city, and the state.

Our improvement is no accident; it is the product of the implementation of an intentional academic strategy, combined with an incredibly-aligned team of adults, who work with passion every day in service of our mission: to provide our students with the academic skills and critical-thinking abilities they need to succeed in a college-preparatory high school. Our academic plan is characterized by implementing Common Core-aligned curriculum, investing in the coaching and development of our school leaders and teachers, and creating robust data-driven systems and metrics.

While our academic program accelerated our growth in student achievement, we know that it is the actions and commitment of our adults that made it happen. At Explore Schools, we prioritize the development of our teachers and our leaders. That value, in combination with our belief in collaboration and that adult culture must be nurtured, ensures that our 360 teammates are rowing in the same direction in service of our shared mission. Our increase in test results is a testament to the thoughtful decision-making on the part of our school leaders. And our results are proof that our students with the support of their families, when provided with the opportunity to do so, can and will achieve amazing things.

This progress represents significant growth by our students, and we recognize we have so much more work in front of us to ensure all of our students reach their academic potential. We are confident in our schools’ leadership to take these gains further. With a team of returning principals this year, we will continue to work to achieve our mission.