Explore Schools’ mission is to provide students with the academic skills and critical-thinking abilities they need to succeed in a college-preparatory high school. We know that all children can succeed in an environment with high expectations, rigorous academics, and caring and committed adults. We are committed to serving all students, including students with special needs and English Language Learners.

In working toward that mission, we implement a K-8 school model with unique hallmarks that make Explore unique.

The Right Size for Learning:

  • Each school serves students in grades K-8 with no more than 540 students.
  • With two teachers in every class, the student-to-teacher ratio in grades K-5 is 15:1. This small ratio allows us to focus on small group instruction, targeting students’ individual needs.
  • Our schools operate with a robust staffing model that includes academic directors, deans, and literacy and math coordinators, to support teachers in their planning and instruction.
  • Our schools also have strong support services teams, including learning specialists, social workers, counselors, and special education service providers, to ensure all students’ needs are met.

Pairing Critical Thinking and Rigor

  • We hold our students to high expectations because we firmly believe all students can achieve.
  • Instruction is focused on both academic skills and critical thinking to develop students’ abilities to analyze and solve problems.
  • Our extended school day and school year allow for about 25% more instruction for our students on average than at traditional public schools.

Focus on College-Preparatory High Schools

  • Each upper school employs a full-time high school placement coordinator dedicated to working with middle school families to prepare students for the high school placement process in 8th grade.
  • In 8th grade, families receive individualized support to ensure students are applying to rigorous high schools that are a good fit for them.
  • Our Common Core aligned curriculum develops critical-thinking skills to prepare students for the rigor of high school, college, and beyond.

Learn more about our commitment to serving all students here.