Empower Lower Charter School has proudly been serving the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn for nearly a decade. Our success comes from our unique, inclusive school culture. While some charter schools take extreme approaches to culture, we don’t believe that “one size fits all” for kids. Our approach to culture strikes the right balance. We work closely with our families to figure out what works best for their children.

Empower’s mascot is the wolf, and we proudly call our community the Wolf Pack. To learn more about our school’s PACKS values, click here. We celebrate these values daily in our classrooms and aim to reinforce our scholars’ positive choices and to showcase their successes.

Our network structure allows us the flexibility to employ more staff to support our scholars and to determine what works best for them. In practice, this looks like more social workers and counselors, two teachers in every K–5 classroom, and dedicated adults focused on behavior and culture so that our teachers can focus on what they do best, teaching.



Please direct inquiries to our Director of Operations, Ann Jankie, or our Principal, Thomas Anthony.