Empower Upper Charter School is a 6–8 public school located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn which graduates 60 8th graders annually to New York City’s top college-preparatory high schools. Empower Upper partners with Empower Lower Charter School, providing families a K–8 experience that provides students with the academic skills and critical-thinking abilities they need to succeed in a college-preparatory high school. Empower Upper offers support services to meet students’ individual needs and provides ample opportunities for family involvement.

At Empower Upper, our scholars come first. Knowing our scholars as individuals is fundamental to who we are and is critical to our success. Community is everything to us, and you can see this in our adults, standing at the doorway before class, greeting every scholar by name. Many adults in our school have known our upper school students since they were in kindergarten.

We also know we cannot do the incredible work we do without our partnership with families. Empower is a community of families and educators working together to prepare students to be successful in high school, college, and beyond. Our school works hand in hand with families to make this happen, and we welcome the input and support that our families provide.

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“The school is a family-oriented community, there is great rapport between the staff, parents and students. They are very helpful, and the support services are fantastic. I can see the improvement and changes in my child since he started going there.”

– Empower Upper Parent