At the heart of our school’s operating philosophy is inclusivity – this value demonstrates itself between and among our staff members, our students, and our students’ families. Our FIRST core values guide our community: Follow directions, Integrity, Respect, Self-Discipline, and Teamwork. Our values extend to our relationship with our district school; together, we live the motto, “the building looks out for the students.”

Exceed Lower partners with Exceed Upper; all of our 5th graders are automatically given the option to attend, without needing to complete an application.  Exceed Lower hosts middle school info sessions for our 5th graders and families to help them transition.

We’re proud of the strong community we’ve built here. It shows through the warm exchanges our staff has with our students and our families.



“I know when I send my student to school they are safe”

– Exceed Lower 4th Grade  Parent


Please direct inquiries to our Director of Operations, Jovonnie Garcia, or our Principal, Loretta Hickman.