Our approach to education balances academic rigor with joy. As our principal, Karen Francois, says, “running in the hallways is not okay, but skipping is.” While there are expectations for keeping our environment open and friendly, we take a collaborative approach with students to help them solve their challenges and meet our high expectations.

At Excel Lower, we believe every child, no matter his/her background or unique needs, deserves a quality education. As such, we take pride in working to serve any and all students, and address and support whatever individual needs they may have. We have a dedicated team of people who work to provide our students with the support they need; this team includes a staff member who works solely with our English language learners, along with Learning Specialists, and a Support Services Coordinator. We also bring in outside providers for Speech and OT. Additionally, we work with our sister schools in the Explore network, as well as neighboring schools in Canarsie, to identify the appropriate academic setting for those scholars who require that.

We believe that a low student to teacher ratio is important. Our K–2 students are all co-taught allowing a 15:1 ratio, with at least one ICT classroom per grade, while our 3rd and 4th graders, have one co-taught ICT classroom with a 12:1 ratio and two single taught classrooms with an 18:1 ratio.



Please direct inquiries to our Director of Operations, Adam Schulman, or our Principal, Karen Francois.