We pride ourselves on the development opportunities we provide our staff. Each member of our staff has a dedicated coach, which allows every teacher to get personalized support. Professional development is built into the calendar, too, with early dismissals each Wednesday and full in-service days throughout the year.

The infrastructure afforded us as part of the Explore Schools network allows our teachers to receive rich content, and targeted professional development provided by mathematics and English language arts experts. With a mindset toward growth, Explore Schools helps connect its staff with opportunities across the network that match their skills and goals, and maximizes chances for collaboration.

As with our families and students, we value the opinions of our staff. We are very intentional around receiving teacher feedback and responding to that feedback. The Leadership Team listens and acts on what our staff members have to say and strongly believes in the value of reflection. There is always more we can do to improve.

For our newer teachers, the opportunity to have personalized coaching from day one is impactful. Many of our experienced teachers serve as peer mentors to our newer teachers.