We value our teachers and leaders and we know that every single one of them gives 100% to our school. We work hard to ensure every member of our team has every opportunity to develop in his or her craft. Through our unique organizational leadership structure, teachers at Explore Lower receive personalized professional development that helps them hone their craft and improve our students’ success. Professional supports include:

  • Weekly/biweekly coaching or check-ins with leadership
  • Early release on Wednesdays for dedicated professional development time
  • Differentiated tools and procedures to meet teachers where they are when they join the school
  • Professional learning communities (PLCs)

Through our network, we are able to provide leadership development for all levels of instructional leadership. This ensures that every adult at our school is receiving personalized coaching and support to address his or her specific needs and goals.

Hear from one of our alumni Ashira talk about how Explore Lower and Upper prepared her for high school:



“I look forward to coming back every year because I know I am valued and I receive development in the way that I want to be developed. Every year we get better. I like the path we’re on and want to see it through.”

-Jessica Baer, Director of Operations, Explore Lower Charter School