Explore Upper Charter School is an established community within the neighborhood since 2002. Our success comes from our value of our students; we want them to be empowered in their education and to grow in a comfortable setting that works best for them. That is what makes our school truly unique; we find the right balance of structure with independence to support our students’ success.

Our school operates on four Soar values: Scholarship, Ownership, Ambition, and Respect. In this, we aim to reinforce the positive behaviors and choices our students make. We strongly believe in celebrating our students and showcasing their successes as frequently as possible.

To learn more about Explore Upper Charter School’s Soar Values, click here.

What makes our classroom communities so special?

Explore Upper also has a full-time high school placement coordinator who starts working with our families in 6th grade to help them navigate the complex high school application process in New York City. We believe that having a dedicated high school placement coordinator is a necessary resource to ensure our students achieve our mission of entering a college-preparatory high school.

Our staff is committed to our community and has stayed long enough to teach siblings of former students and develop strong bonds with our families and community.



Please direct inquiries to our Director of Operations, Jess Baer, or our Principal, Anwar Abdul-Rahman.